Morocco Premier Events executive team has a combined 50 years experience in , hospitality, logistics and premier events planning and management. In addition to our highly qualified board of advisors and public relations experts both in the US and Morocco, we have teamed up with a number of International entrepreneurs who go the extra mile ensure your Moroccan experience in the US..



Hassan SamrhouniHassan Samrhouni is the CEO, President of Morocco Premier Events and President & CEO of Casablanca Travel & Tours, founded in 1994 that specializes in thematic and study tours to Morocco, Mr. Samrhouni is a Moroccan-American who has lived in the United States for over three decades and is deeply involved in all aspects of the Moroccan-American community in the US. His main objective is to promote Morocco as a unique cultural, historic and spiritual destination offering a one-of-a-kind experience, and actively promoting Morocco’s historic relationship with the United States.

In 1990, Mr. Samrhouni founded The Washington Moroccan American Club (WMC), the first Moroccan-American organization to sponsor intercultural, social, and business events to launch a network to encourage bilateral relations and serve the Moroccan American community residing in the United States. This enabled him to organize and spearhead numerous events including the first Moroccan Festival in May 1992, and Magical Morocco Festival:" from the Sahara to the Sea" in October 2004, as well as other events.

His activism and engagement have earned him a reputation of a manager, coordinator as well as leader with a vision and savoir-faire when it comes to Morocco – US relations Mr. Samrhouni is very active in community affairs and is often called upon to assist with issues ranging from raising money for scholarships to job placements and similar efforts.

In March 2010, the Washington Moroccan American Club celebrated its 20th anniversary with the hosting of twenty events at various venues throughout the metropolitcal DC area including political, cultural and recreational activities, including a traveling museum, seminars on women’s empowerment in Morocco, Amazigh culture, Moroccan-United States relations, Morocco at the movies, media in Morocco, and interfaith dialogue.

Mr. Samrhouni is the recipient of the award of the Wissam of National Merit (granted by the late King of The Kingdom of Morocco, Hassan II in 1995), and was appointed as an Ambassador of goodwill by the Mayor of Jersey City. He is the first Moroccan American recipient of “Key to the City “ of Jersey City.

Mr. Samrhouni is a frequent guest on various television and talk shows including PBS, NBC, Al JazeeraAl Ghad Al arabi TV , ANA, 2M, and RTM.

He is married to Aicha Bensaid and is the father of two daughter, Abla and Kanza.

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